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A New Cycling Superhighway to Open in Sweden:

Many would not assume that the towns of Lund & Malmö, Sweden would be big biking cities, and it’s because they do not advertise it. Around 60% of Lund’s citizen either cycle or take public transit to get to their destination and Malmö is known as the best bicycling city in Sweden.

Now Malmö is upping the stakes by putting up 30 million Swedish crowns (about US$4.1 million) toward the building of a four-lane super cycling highway between it and its northern neighbor city Lund.

The Swedish Traffic Authority (Trafikverket) has already studied the feasibility of building the bicycle superhighway between the two cities. All that remains is for the central government and smaller municipalities to approve and fund the plan. The route for the superhighway will run roughly parallel with the railway tracks, which makes it easier and less expensive to build, and the right of ways already exist.

The proposed bicycle superhighway would, in addition to four lanes (2 in each direction) have exits but no intersections, two types of wind protection (low bushes as well as solid fencing) periodic bicycle service stations, and would take eight years to complete.

The estimated cost of the superhighway is estimated to be about 50 million Swedish crowns (US$ 7.1 million).

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