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What if We Put A School Atop Every Building In Manhattan?

"Schools in the Sky, a project by Ana Luisa SoaresFilipe Magalhães, and André Vergueiro, [is] a competition to repurpose roofs… It asks, what if we put a school on top of every (non-pointy) building in NYC and then we painted them bright, eye-melting yellow?

The team calls the plan “a provocation.” By giving schools the most valuable and visible space in the city, education becomes something we’ll need to intrinsically value more, or, at minimum, something that we can’t possibly ignore…The result is a space that’s challenging to the political sector but inviting to children—at least children who aren’t afraid of heights.”

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    I approve of anything that returns public value systems in America to education-first models. We’re in trouble,...
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    Approved. nycgov get on it.
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