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IBM UK are at Base Cities London and have been collecting Big Ideas for sustainable cities from delegates and our Twitter and Tumblr followers. We’ve passed your Big Ideas toScriberia to animate and here are five of the best, along with Sriberia’s pictures.

We want your help choosing a winner, so take a look at the ideas below and cast your vote!

One Switch - how about one switch near your front door that turned off all non-critical electrical equipment when you left the house? How much energy could we save?

Solar and wind power on every roof - should urban rooftops be used to power cities?

Smart water meters - Can we encourage sustainable behavior through providing more information on the resource we consume?

Building blocks from mixed plastic waste - Recycling plastic can be complex - what if we could turn mixed plastic into lightweight and affordable building materials?

Smart controls for decentralized infrastructure - can we optimize waste streams by monitoring decentralized  infrastructure?


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    Des idées pour une ville plus durable de Base Cities-London Ideas for Sustainable Cities from Base Cities-London.
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