Studio630 is the research blog of Kyle Rogler. This blog posts articles of work in architecture, urban design, technology, culture, and programming that currently influence me. Currently stationed at BNIM Architects.
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Back to School: Bjarke Ingels gives a master class on innovative architecture+urbanism at Columbia.

“We were asked to look at making a new interpretation of ‘Vancouverism’”… @BjarkeIngels on #beachandhowe 

When you drive over Granville Bridge, it’s like drawing a curtain aside “Welcome to Vancouver” (12min) 

“In Vancouver, having a canopy over the street is like an urban umbrella” @BjarkeIngels on #beachandhowe

On behalf of BLAH CITY, welcome to Vancouver @BjarkeIngels and thank you to Westbank for your vision! #beachandhowe 

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