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Stone Fields // Giuseppe Randazzo

"The first time you see Giuseppe Randazzo's "Stone Fields" designs, you may think he’s ripping off Andy Goldsworthy: in each image, thousands of stones and rocks are artfully arranged into circular patterns that evoke timeless nature and human creativity at once. But there’s a catch: none of the stones are real, and an algorithm did all the arranging. It’s all based on fractal math and some seriously photorealistic rendering…

The average “Stone Fields” design contains between 4,000 and 10,000 virtual stones, each of which is made of about 512 polygons — or between 2 and 5 million polygons per image. While that might sound like it’d choke a supercomputer, Randazzo says that “a robust PC” can handle it just fine, placing the stones in about 15 minutes, and rendering them in all their eerie photorealistic glory in a matter of hours.”


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