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Unnatural Perspectives | Morimura Ray | Socks Studio

Born in Tokyo in 1948, painter Morimura Ray graduated from Tokyo Gakugei University and began his career as a painter using abstract, geometric forms, later turning to woodblock printmaking.

According to his profile description in Wikipedia France, his early career as a non-figurative artist has a deep influence on his successive work, since the forms of trees, agricultural fields, houses and other elements are still created through an optimal disposition of triangles, squares and other geometric elements.

His drawings are based on “unnatural”, “flat” perspectives: often depicted from an high vantage point, they never aim to distinguish the figure from the background. Realism is not an issue, textures and hues are given great importance, and every element appears to have the same weight in the composition.

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While the space in the city gets more and more scarce, you have to deal with the fact that we have to build next to the city highways. Freshly graduated TU Delft student Ron Valkenet imagined a clever as also attractive solution. He used trees to filter the pollution from the highway, set up a double facade towards the highway to allow the people to have a comfortable apartment with a great view, and opened the complex for the public by an open park in the middle.

What a great solution for a problem we have to face, seeing this, we would love to live there.

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3d printed “stuff”

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IMAGROD: a doorway sculpture by Nick Ervinck

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St. Louis could soon be transformed by a national park spanning one of the city’s highways. Impressive stuff. 

We take a look in more detail in our latest post

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"You can change everything about your house except the location," the old adage goes. The owners of Modern on Meadow loved everything about their Leawood neighborhood. It was the house that needed changing. The couple desired spaces that were open, modern and bright, and their 1950s single-story ranch home afforded them none of these things.


We set out to renovate it to fit their lifestyle. When it became clear early on that the program they needed wouldn’t fit inside the existing footprint, the renovation became an addition.

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Fail Faster!

ExtraCreditz discusses one of the most fundamental principles of game design (and good design in general).

Willemstad, the capital city of Curaçao, showing the Dutch architectural influence on the Caribbean Netherlands. 

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In 2012, Asheer Akram decided to create a midwest-themed Pakistani cargo truck as a mobile sculpture. In this awesomely detailed video, Akram talks about exactly how he and his team of artists and craftsmen lovingly accomplished this feat of public art.

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Material Research (Exhibited at 032c) by Barkow Leibinger
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Material Research (Exhibited at 032c) by Barkow Leibinger

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Overview: Colo(u)r wheels, systems and theories in the course of time. 1708-1921. Source huevaluechroma

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Museo de Arte de las Américas (Art Museum of the Americas) Washington DC rcruzniemiec

Learn more about this museum here.

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